Parenting During Prom: Four Tips for Dads

By: Matt.


It’s prom season and kids and parents are on edge about everything that needs to be done in preparation. On the kid’s side of the spectrum, there’s finding a date, figuring out what to wear, making restaurant reservations and somehow balancing all of this with studying for final exams. For parents, concerns are a little less exciting.

Although every parent wants to make sure their child has a fun and memorable night, prom can also come with some temptations and dangers that parents are responsible for addressing. For fathers who want to protect their daughters while encouraging them to have fun, read on for some helpful tips.

1. Meet Your Daughter’s Date Before the Dance

If you haven’t already been acquainted with your daughter’s date, schedule a proper meeting before the dance. This meeting will be your chance to get to know the date and establish ground rules. Invite her date over for dinner a week before prom and let them know that you hold them partially responsible for keeping your daughter safe during prom night.

2. Reiterate Policies on Using Illegal Substances

We’ve all seen the cult classics depicting prom night as a let loose occasion for partying, drinking and abandoning all inhibitions. These classics often don’t feature some of the consequences of said actions. Automobile accidents, sexual assault, alcohol poisoning and a number of other serious issues arise during prom night. It’s up to parents to inform their teens that prom is not all fun and games.

3. Provide Incentives for Good Behavior

Has your daughter been admiring those beautiful pearl bracelets in the hopes of pairing them with her prom dress? She can have them only if she compiles a report about the drunk driving dangers during prom and creates a plan of action.

4. Get Involved

From volunteering as a prom chaperone to shopping for proper attire with your daughter, prom is an event that can involve both you and your teenager. Even though it is her special night, it is also likely to be one of the last special occasions you’ll spend together before she graduates. Make the best use of your time by going shopping together, having lunch, and doing other prom-prep activities. Let her know that you care. Take advantage of the precious moments while you still can.

Going to the prom has been a rite of passage for teens since our grandparents were in high school. You want this night to be as memorable for your daughter as it was for you. Once you get all of the safety measures and warnings out of the way, encourage her to have fun! It’s the last big celebration she’ll have with her high school classmates. It’s bound to be a moment they’ll never forget.

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