Your Daughter’s Bedroom: Compromising for an Affordable Redesign

By: Danielle.

It’s almost inevitable that at some point, your daughter will want to change the look of her bedroom. When she feels like she has outgrown her existing decor, she’ll want to be a part of making it a room that expresses her personality and suits her interests. Redesigning her bedroom doesn’t have to break the bank, provided you approach the project the right way.

Use the Project as a Budgeting Lesson

One of the major sources of tension that’s likely to come up is when she wants features that you can’t afford. To alleviate this tension and teach her some important budgeting skills, be honest about how much you can afford and what needs to be accomplished. Then let her help guide where the money will be spent.

List the things she wants, help her look up prices on each one, and then compare the cost of the “wants” to the money that’s actually available. Then cut costs and come up with a plan within the budget. For example, one bedroom featured by HGTV brought a room together with an accent wall, one large piece of art, and several bright pink accessories.

Talk About Longevity

Although your daughter may have very specific tastes now, these are likely to change in the future. You want your redesign to not only be affordable, but to include components that will grow with her so you don’t have to go through the whole project again next year.

Talk with your daughter about how long she will enjoy a bedroom with each of the components she wants, and as much as possible, stick to lasting pieces for the big investments. In particular, you want bedroom furniture, a paint color, and curtains that will grow with her, while little details like throw pillows and posters can change.

Pick Your Battles

As with many realms of parenting, you need to pick your battles with the bedroom project. Stand firm on some non-negotiable aspects where you will have the final say, but be willing to let her get her way in some areas, too. Maybe you’re set on her not having a TV or computer in her room, but you’ll let her create another type of relaxation area, like a craft corner. For example, HGTV showcases a gorgeous reading and study area.

Having the freedom to make decisions will help her to be excited about the project and feel like she’s getting her way. Just make sure she knows she’ll have to live with her choices for several years because you don’t have the money to redesign her room again right away.

Put in Some Sweat Equity Together

One of the best ways to keep a bedroom project affordable is to work on components yourself. Turn the redecoration project into a mother-daughter or father-daughter project to spend some quality time together as you get things done.

Even elementary school aged kids can paint walls, provided you’ve laid down plastic and taped around the trim beforehand. Use stencils to put her name on the wall or add some of her favorite words or a quote. Help an older girl sew her own curtains, pillow covers, and even a duvet cover.

Although completing the project will require time and energy, it will be well worth it when your daughter gets to relax in her redesigned bedroom. As she gets older, it’s important that she feels like she has a space that is hers and reflects her personality. The new look may even motivate her to keep her room clean!


Danielle blogs on behalf of Sears and other brands she uses. Her favorite piece of bedroom furniture (besides a big, fluffy bed) is a tall bookshelf with plenty of room for photo frames, knick knacks, and books.

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