Fashionable and Fast: 4 Simple Hairstyles for Snooze-Button Addicts

By: Kay Ackerman.

1. Twist and Pin.

When you don’t have time to heat up the straightener and you just woke up with Einstein hair, try the classic and sophisticated style of the twist and pin. Use some anti-frizz spray to keep those stray hairs maintained and start by taking random sections from all over your head, twist them and pin them out of the way. Finish off with a classy bun for a stylish updo that looks salon-fresh. Use fun hair clips with flowers and pearl accents to give this style even more personality and femininity.

2. Headband it.

Never underestimate the power of the headband to add a girly, colorful accent to your outfit in seconds flat. Every girl should have a collection of different headbands for everything from casual to formal occasions, since this small touch can transform any hairstyle from looking blah to sophisticated. You can simply throw a headband on over your hair or pair it with a simple bun or braid for an added touch of color to match your outfit.

3. Braid it.

Braids are always a great solution for keeping wild hair in place, while giving your style a cool, textured look. There are tons of styles to choose from when incorporating braids. One simple and fun style is taking two small sections of hair from either side of your front part, braiding each one and clipping them together behind your head. This style is especially well-suited for girls with bangs to keep the frame around your face. Use a fun clip to secure the braids for more pizzazz.

4. Try a Ballerina Bun.

Keep your hair out of the way with the sophisticated style of the ballerina bun. You don’t even have to break out the hairdryer after your shower because this hairstyle can even be done with wet hair. Start by pulling your hair back into a high ponytail and twist the tail into a near bun. If you’ve got layered locks or just can’t get the clean look you’re going for, use bun accessories for an easier style. Take it out at the end of the day for a luscious, wavy look.

There are those of us out there who are able to wake up early and spend half the morning on accessorizing and styling, and then there are those of us who barely have time to grab a granola bar before running out the door in the morning. No matter how much extra time you have, you can be ready to make a statement with these four simple hairstyles for a great look and a few extra minutes of precious sleep.

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