Girl Scouts Under Siege From Catholic Church: What’s Next, The Boy Scouts?

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I was a Girl Scout. I’m a Girl Scout leader. My daughters are Girl Scouts. For over 100 years, The Girl Scouts of America have been a source of strength and achievement for girls of all ages, races, creeds, religions, and socioeconomic means, whose mission has always been to help them become strong, beautiful, confident women. There is little doubt in most parents minds that Girl Scouts is a good thing – until now. St. Timothy’s Catholic Church located in Chantilly, Virginia has thoroughly, undeniably, and unapologetically band Girl Scouts from their school and community. Why? Because they claim they are affiliated with Planned Parenthood and support transgender girls. St. Timothy’s has gone one step further by “silently” allowing their parishioners and others in the community to boycott buying Girl Scout cookies this year. Like many parents, I’m fed up with the extremist far right sect of the Catholic Church. When you start portraying Girl Scouts as a form of pure evil then there really is no organization for kids (yes, that includes Boy Scouts and 4H Club) that is safe from the judgement of their far-right clutches.

I should mention that currently I am a member of this church and that will soon change. I cannot and will not continue to be a member of a far right extremist church that dismisses Girl Scouts as an organization with a “hidden agenda” of promoting abortion and homosexuality. Let’s be clear, the Girl Scouts have stated several times that they do not take a stand on either issue but St. Timothy’s still won’t budge. They’ve even gone so far as to ban girls from wearing the Girl Scout uniform to school. Since when did buying Girl Scout cookies become a vessel for evil undertakings? Honestly, they should pick on someone their own size.

It should be noted that the majority of Catholic Churches do not support the move by St. Timothy’s and are trying to make amends to the Girl Scouts. For example, St. Leo’s Catholic Church in Fairfax, VA has offered to hold a special mass for all Girl Scouts and their families next week. I do not feel that this underground movement to harm Girl Scouts is something the majority of Catholics support but I do believe that St. Timothy’s deserves a serious “reality check” and that their church should really concentrate on more important, altruistic matters like feeding the hungry, instead of bullying the Girl Scouts.

I respectfully ask that people continue to purchase Girl Scout cookies this season as a large percentage of the proceeds go directly to the girls allowing them to participate in activities that promote leadership, friendship, self esteem, and character, and leave the politics of this unfortunate situation where they belong – in the garbage.

For a better understanding of this issue, please read The Washington Post’s column in response to the hoopla surrounding Girl Scouts.

Robert McCartney: Don’t fall for smears against the Girl Scouts

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  1. Christy Volanski says:

    As a fellow Catholic, I am saddened to tell you, that GSUSA, WAGGGS, and many Girl Scout councils do partner with Planned Parenthood and other abortion rights advocacy groups. Catholics need to be concerned about this. Your pastor is not alone … many priests across the United States are saying goodbye to this organization who promotes resources in their printed material and in their online content that directly contradict the teachings of our Catholic faith. Email me for page scans and documentation. God bless Fr. Weymer and St. Timothy’s. May all of our clergy be so bold in defending our Catholic faith and our beautiful girls. Listen to this recent segment on Ave Maria Radio. Watch EWTN, Women of Grace the week of February 20th, Mon-Fri, to see their 5-part series called “Girl Scouts: Mission Aborted.” Your pastor is not alone in his views. Many prayers to you and your families. Peace of Christ.

  2. I so feel your pain. Noone likes to think they have devoted a portion of their life to something and then to find out they were betrayed., Noone likes to admit they are wrong about something. I know that I for sure don’t However…I was. I am a 67 year old Lifetime Mbr. of GS. When my GS mother passed on I took money that she left to me and made myself and all three daughters Lifetime Mbrs. I knew my mother would be proud. I now know that my mother would be even more proud of me because I spend my time exposing the GS agenda. I am still a GS and will always be but it will be to make those aware around me despite the fact that their ears and minds are closed that the GS are truly not for our girls. I am the chairperson of the Charter Alums in our council in St.L. Mo. I am friends with many and many now do admit that the program is not in keeping with our Catholic faith. No priest could let his flock follow such a evil program. There…I have probably angered you because you do not truly want to know facts. That would be an error on your part and you will miss an opportunity to be a role model for your daughter and others. Its not easy trust me. It took much prayer on my part because you see I made lawn markers for my friends with the GS logo and in fact had one in my front yard. GREEN I was GREEN I also was blind. I have my Gold Award (curved bar) I have my Marian Award the first in St.L. to earn it. I have councils awards and have been to Macys, council paid. I am on the Catholic Comm of the Archdioceses of St.L. and worked with two troops just this past yr. on their Marian Award. I have my St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Award and I have my St. Anne Award and I could go on and on. You should see the memoriablia I have collected. My husband made me a cabinet for all of it. Yes I was PROUD. YES I HAVE CRIED but I have tried to deny fact. To deny FACT would be to sell my soul to the devil because to see evil and do nothing is evil. Was this easy??? HELL NO did I do it YES. I am to answer to God for ever leading girls to sin and that responsibility is big to me because you see I have 2 granddaughters and I want this to be a world of truth. The Girl Scouts do not speak truth and their lies are echoed from every council in statement form. Sorry, your actions speak louder than you words. I love my Lord and my God and my faith and my children and my grandchildren and my pastor and my faith more than I love my pride. ANSWER…swallow that pride and take a hard and honest look. Not just once, but twice and then pray and pray some more and say this cannot be true and then say it is true and I cannot be a part of this evil. EASY??? NO but if you truly care about the youth of this world and our country then I will come to you and help hold your hand and help you see light. Get on your knees and beg this priest for forgiveness and praise him for his courage. I sound emotional and I am because if good people do nothing then they will own our country and our kids and you will have helped in the tradgedy. I truly will come to you and walk you through this just ask me. I know its hard because I did it. God bless you and I do know your pain because it is my pain. Jane E. Petry

  3. Administrator says:

    Thank you ladies for your comments. I don’t agree, but I do appreciate how you respectfully stated your case. I just want to point out that “No Girl Scout dues or proceeds from cookie sales go to the international group, called the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGS)” although from what I have researched, WAGGS has not ever distributed Planned Parenthood literature.

    I would also like to point out that the reality is that most Catholics do not support St. Timothy’s move. One of the biggest defender of the scouts is the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, a group that ought to have some credibility with Catholics. It’s an official church organization and has been actively investigating — and mostly refuting — the accusations for several years. What did they find? NOTHING. Please see their webpage that negates the current untrue rumors circulating throughout the community here (

    This debate is clearly one in which each of us will feel very strongly. You feel that I am being deceived by the GS and I feel that our nation’s “tea party” right wing faction is penetrating one of America’s most revered organizations to promote strong, healthy, and happy girls. I get it. And I do want you to know that though I don’t share your views, I can see that you both have a clear conviction of your beliefs and that is important for each one of us to have. Thank you for your feedback. I do hope that this matter will find a way to resolve itself that doesn’t punish the girls in Girl Scouts.

  4. You have not done your homework. Are you aware that the Girl Scouts in their Journey MEdia book on page 25 tells girls to go to George Soros of Media Matters to get truth??? If you cannot even take the time to look at fact it is fruitless of me to urge you to. The NFCYM has a GS on their board. Your mind is closed to fact and that is so sad and only prayer will change that. God made us to be the first teacher of our children and if we allow that responsibility to be taken from us then we fail. Please please tell me you have checked out just one fact. I am looking at GS programs now ask yourself if YOU are looking at fact. God bless you and I do believe you care and I know that with my prayers for you you will be doing what I am very soon. Please join us in the mission because you can see people with closed minds need prayer. Nothing is impossible with God and this is truly part of Gods plan. I will be doing a novena for you because we share more than we know. It would be fun to view each others swaps. Trust me I cry a lot and this is a loss for me but as a disciple of my Lord I must make this my mission. When I leave this earth I need to know that I stood for something. I can think of nothing more important than our youth. GS are not honest its simple and its easy to see why you are buying into their blanket statements of lies. In His Name Jane

  5. Administrator says:

    Hi Jane. I can understand how passionately you feel about this topic. I have done my homework, I can assure you – and I have read the sites you mentioned. I remain unmoved and even more convinced that these sites are used for propaganda against the Girl Scouts. I have kept my mind open, I can assure you and I do think it’s unfair to assume my mind is “closed” just because I don’t agree with your philosophy on the subject. We are both strong minded, passionate women that want to do the right thing for our children that much is clear. I appreciate your prayers, but just because we chose different paths on this subject does not make one of us “unchristian” or condemned to a life of paganist beliefs. Women should seek to support each other (which I believe in your own way you are trying to do) and try to understand each others point-of-view.

    In the spirit of open-mindedness I do want to acknowledge that WAGGS does give money to organizations that provide health care around the world for girls and women and some of those funds may or may not be used for abortion services. GSUSA is tied to WAGGS, but so are associations around the world many in far more conservative countries. However, it is very important to note that the U.S. Girl Scouts do not in any way give money or take a stance on Planned Parenthood, abortion, or homosexuality. Their funding is separate from WAGGS. The money our Girl Scouts raise does not go to WAGGS (which I believe I stated earlier to clarify my position) and I believe girls across the United States should not be punished as a means of political protest.

    You and I aren’t going to budge on our feelings – but you are right that keeping and open mind is imperative to understanding others thoughts and opinions. I agree that as humans many times we are more similar than we are different. In this case, I believe our differences make each one of us unique and caring in our own right. Thank you for taking the time to respond so thoroughly and to explain your thoughts on the issue. This discussion isn’t meant to cause harm or point-fingers but rather I see it as an important way to discuss a topic that we both feel passionately about. Take care and God bless you.

  6. Every Girl Scout is a part of WAGGGS. This is a simple fact that some find hard to accept. Could you explain why Girl Scouts in Studio 2-B Cadette G.S. “On your own” lists Planned Parenthood as a “Helpful Link” Until you can disprove any fact that has been put forth we will have to rely on God to soften your heart and make you a believer. His wil be done and I do not think you could possibly have looked at facts and not learned something. Media Matters …any comment on that? Again I think God can take care of this in His time and He will as He wants His girls protected. God Bless, I start my novena today for you and yours. This is not my philosophy but rather facts. I urge you to disapprove just ONE FACT before you wrap this up saying this is my philosophy. God Bless Jane

  7. Administrator says:

    Prayers are appreciated but not warranted. Helping make girls strong, healthy, well-rounded women is what my God would want me to do and I am doing just that. Why is it that you feel the need to point fingers and judge others so harshly – especially an organization that has done nothing but try to further educate, support, and empower girls?

    You are incorrect in your assumption that I have learned nothing from reading the links you sent me. I did read them – and I am still allowed to disagree after reading them. Making an educated decision about a topic is based on a combination of facts, beliefs, and/or one’s faith and does not mean you have to agree with the person presenting them. It simply means that I am able and willing to keep an open mind while reading the discussion, take in the information presented, and then make my own decision. I’ve done that. I’m at peace with my decision and so is God. It’s important to remember that my interpretation of the Bible is clearly different from yours. As a Christian, I believe that’s ok. I feel confident in my relationship with God. I think we should leave it here. I honestly believe that you and I will continue these back and forth comments all evening to no avail and I don’t want us to get “snarky” with each other- that’s no way to act and it only serves to tear us down not build us up.

    However, I will briefly answer the call to dispute the ‘facts’ as you requested so we can both have information posted for readers to view from both sides of the debate. Here is the formal response of the Girl Scouts which refutes the claims made by others point by point. Of important note is this “The WAGGGS program is separate from our Girl Scout program, and your Girl Scout membership dues and cookie sales proceeds do not support WAGGGS. All dues collected from Girl Scout members are used to pay for services directly delivered to Girl Scouts in the USA.”

    Readers are free to read both sides of the controversy and make their own decision on the subject.

  8. You Go Elizabeth!
    You can’t win against people who are not willing to believe anything but the hate on those websites. Anyone who uses as a resource personally shows me that they are not someone who truly believes in God and Jesus’s message of love. I feel sorry that they have that much judgement and hate in them.
    You are a strong women raising wonderful loving Christian girls. There are people out there who daily take God’s words and Jesus’s message and spin them into a web of hate and lies, and then tell you they will pray for you. I feel sorry that they live with so much hate and sad that they wrap that around God and Jesus – the symbol of true love.

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